Tiburon developer loses appeal to salvage 43-home plan.png

“We applaud Tiburon’s intervention to protect its residents.”

With those words, Jerry Riessen, the leader of Tiburon Open Space Committee, announced a new challenge to the development of the Martha property.  The Town of Tiburon has petitioned to join our lawsuit against the County that challenges its approval of the environmental impact report and revised master plan.  

Here's the full story in the Marin Independent Journal.  We urge you to read this brief article in its entirety.

Greg Chanis, Tiburon's Town Manager, said that the town’s involvement is "…to protect its citizens from potential adverse effects that may result from developing the Martha property.”

This is great news, and we are grateful for their joining hands with us.

To those of you who have been on this journey with us, the joining of the Town of Tiburon and the Tiburon Open Space Committee in this suit will bring much needed and additional resources and clout to bear on the County.  For those of you who may just be learning of the planned development, and the significant threats posed by fire, environmental and traffic safety threats, we hope that you will join us in our efforts to save Martha from development.

For all of us, with big legal challenges come big legal bills.  We are asking you to dig deep for donations.  Both small and, hopefully, large.  We are encouraged by this development, but we realize the uphill battle we face.  We’d ask you to explore the depths of your pockets if you possibly can.

Thank you.  Let’s keep talking and working and keeping this issue front and center.  And, thanks Tiburon! 

Together, we can save Martha.