Tiburon Open Space

We have some very good news!

Federal Judge Saundra Brown Armstrong, Senior United States District Judge for the Northern District of California, has issued her ruling regarding the disposition of the Martha Property.

And the judge ruled 100% against Martha’s demands.

Jerry Riessen, the Tiburon Open Space President, captured our thoughts rather succinctly: “The decision could not be better for us!"

Every one of the restrictions the County imposed upon the development were fully upheld. As a result, three houses must be moved off the ridge line, and many houses will now have height restrictions. The lot lines along the ridge will be moved to retain the current ridge trail, and house square footage will not be determined until the Design Review phase, long after all the infrastructure is built.

This is a significant ruling and development. It brings new life to our hope of one day purchasing Martha.

And, of course, our work goes on through each subsequent phase.

The challenge to the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) is ongoing. We need your help with that.

This ruling will allow us to begin the necessary, expensive appraisal process. We will need your help with that.

When that is accomplished, we will finally be close to making a full, appraisal-based offer to purchase  the Martha Property.

When successful, we will keep our promise to keep her beautiful and open forever.

Please help us if you can.

We look forward to that, and to hearing you.

Tiburon Open Space Committee