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Tiburon Closed

“It’ll never happen” just happened.

TOS Nov Newsletter_edited.jpg

Read it and weep. The 110 acres of magnificent Martha Property open space above Tiburon are now closed. No more hikers. No more dogs. No nothing save the owner’s plan to build houses and miles of fences and roads. This is the very definition of irreparable loss.

We want the owners to sit down with us and agree on a price so that we can purchase Martha. Fair and square. We will then invite you to celebrate with us as we remove that sign…and all of the others like it.

We are Tiburon Open Space and we are preparing for that moment. First, we need your help. Legal arguments continue; difficult environmental and appraisal issues lie ahead. We need funds to keep it all going.  

One day we hope to say, “It’ll never happen,” and be certain that it won’t.

Thank you for reading this. We’ll speak again soon.

Tiburon Open Space

Let’s save Martha.