Hello, again. Happy Spring! It’s good to catch up.


You haven’t heard from us for some time as we have awaited word of the Martha property listing (October 2018). There hasn’t been any interest. The county has not received a single inquiry. Not one. The likely reason? No one is interested in that beautiful land at that ugly price.

Enter Tiburon Open Space. Surprise. Our interest in purchasing Martha to keep her open, forever and to all has not wavered. Not for a moment.

Since July of 2018, when Martha lost their case in Federal Court choosing not to appeal, we have strongly, kindly, hopefully, and persistently asked Martha to explore the possibility of purchase. Martha ignored our offers. Martha wouldn’t pay for an appraisal.

An appraisal is precisely what is needed. It’s the next, obvious and critical step. We need help to do it. We need you.

It won’t be easy. Much of what makes us love Martha will also make it difficult to appraise. Why? For starters, the conditions of approval mandated by Marin County are 35 pages long. That’s a novel. It is the very definition of an expensive appraisal.

While this is, yes, another appeal for your generosity, it is also another step closer to realizing the dream of keeping this treasure open to us all and forever. It also has the appealing scent of specificity. An appraisal is real and tangible and, we believe, can provide us with the tool necessary to productively (and positively) move things closer to achieving the goal.

Can you help us out? Appraise this idea: in a few years time we might have Martha’s beauty and wildlife and unparalleled vistas to visit, to see with our kids, and theirs, and look back at how truly important all of this work will have been. That would be a priceless appraisal.

Thank you. We hope to hear from you.

Tiburon Open Space