Sunset across Martha Property from existing open space.jpg

Truer words have never been spoken. We were reminded of that upon hearing the judge’s recent decision on the Trail litigation. Hopeful, committed and positive gave way to disappointed, surprised and disbelieving. As you would expect, should The Trails Team decide to appeal the decision, we will be right there with them, as we have been, in our support for their efforts to keep those trails open and accessible forever.

As Tiburon Open Space, what did we learn from it all? Among other things, we are reminded that there are forces at play that do not agree with us, have a different vision of the future, see Martha as a network of streets and fences and rooflines, compromised species and real safety risks. They see her separated from her past and closed off from our children’s future. We are resolute in not letting that happen. We vow to keep working on it.

In the face of at times discouraging developments, we would encourage you to click on this link: How the Marin Headlands Almost Became a Commuter Town

It wasn’t all that long ago that the Marin Headlands were going to become a maze of city blocks, high rises, and with a population of 30,000! People just like you stepped up and said “No thanks. Uh uh. Ain’t gonna happen.”

And it didn’t. We take enormous strength from their hard work, and thank them each time we walk on The Headlands. And as we contemplate the possible loss of Martha.

We will continue to monitor environmental, water flow, fire and traffic safety issues as the family continues to list Martha for sale. We could use your help in not letting our collective guard down as we do so. It still takes dollars to make this kind of sense.

One last thing. So many of you have sent your well wishes and financial support this year. We are grateful. It is going to great use. So, while “It ain’t over ’til it’s over,” may be true, we suspect that Yogi might offer another pithy reminder to us all at this time of year:

“It ain’t the holidays 'til we say ’thank you.’” We hope that they are warm, safe and happy for you and your family.