Martha project enters the “merits” phase

The proposed Martha Property subdivision (officially known as Easton Point) has entered the merits phase. In this phase The Martha Company must create a detailed development proposal. It must address the County’s concerns from the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) plus quality of life and local impacts such as traffic and safety, number and size of houses, water pressure, landslides, visual impacts and endangered species.

At the conclusion of this phase, the specifics of the project and the conditions imposed by the County will be finalized in a Resolution of Approval. The Resolution will be presented in a single hearing before the County Planning Commission followed by one or more hearings before the Board of Supervisors.

The Supervisors, who make the final decisions, will consider the project merits as well as certification of the EIR – an action they deferred in March citing a need for more detail. 

The Tiburon Open Space Committee continues to work to understand the myriad issues raised by the possibility of building on this magnificent land. We completely agree that the owners have a right to develop and maximize the value of their property but we insist they take full responsibility for the risks and costs of doing so.

The Committee is hopeful that some or all of the Martha Property can be purchased and deeded to Marin County as permanent open space.  Your tax-deductible donation will assist our work and be most gratefully received. Click here to donate!

New Director at Romberg Tiburon Center
Our “Tiburon Ridge” vision is to purchase the Martha Property and combine it with adjacent open land including Old St. Hilary’s Open Space and potentially the Romberg Tiburon Center (RTC) to create a 292-acre regional park.  The size, beauty and resources of Tiburon Ridge will attract support from major donors.  In order to fully realize this vision, we need the support of San Francisco State University, which owns RTC. 

The University has just selected a dynamic new director for RTC, Dr. Karina Nielsen.  We have met with her and found her engaged and open to further discussion about Tiburon Ridge. We look forward to continuing the dialog!