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Hello, again.

(A lot has happened since we last spoke.)

At Tiburon Open Space, we care about saving our remaining open space from development. You may remember our work to save the Old St. Hilary’s open space, right there next to the church in Tiburon.  

The Martha Property is 110 acres of the most beautiful, diverse urban area open space in the world. It sits atop Tiburon, and shares a property line with the Old St. Hilary’s open space.

Martha should not become a housing development. The photo above? The ominous first step in that process.

The owners have their rights. We would like to conduct a third-party appraisal, agree a fair market value for and then purchase Martha from them. We have work to do.

We ask for your help in raising awareness about what is at stake. We ask you to go to our website and make a financial contribution. There are complex legal and environmental issues ahead that demand subject matter expertise. We need your help.

We hope to speak with you again soon.
Tiburon Open Space

Let’s save Martha.

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